60’s fashion gets a comeback

You must have scrolled through one of the sixties fashion with models wearing a collared coat and matching pumps and wondered with a grim expression as to why isn’t it available now in the market.  Fashion never fades away in a day and age where high street fashion brands and other renowned designers are adapting designs of the sixties.

The style of 1960 is definitely evident in most of the attires that we wear today. It was a time of free spirit with abundance in designs that displayed maturity and vibrancy. There are few American TV soaps such as ‘Gossip Girl’  parading a plethora of sixties attires.

Few attires that we have for sure seen as a comeback from the sixties


Retro style with polka dots

Image source: Stylinstars


Cocktail Dress

Image source: Interest cocktail dress


Checkered top and skirt

Image source: Pinterest


Silk floral dress

Image source: Lady India


Silk dress

Image source: G-3 plus fashion

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