Every colour is beautiful; it’s time to end colourism

Suhana khan an Indian model and a daughter of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan is making headlines as she slammed ‘colourism’ in her latest post and raised her voice to emphasize on the ongoing problem of the society, she quoted it’s in need to fix the issue for the boy/girl who is being treated as inferior for absolutely no reason. Further, she highlighted that people hating on their own country’s people just means that they are painfully insecure. 

Even though our constitution of India has declared the country, no discrimination should occur based on colour, but this is that country who forces the girl/boy to deal with harmful traumatic racial discrimination. Just after the incident of George Floyd, in several countries public expressed outrage and in India people are obsessed with fair skin but some section of the society with smartphones and access to the internet they furiously started talking about racism and other forms of discrimination prevalent in society, but still some section of the society considers black tone is a curse. Indian racism towards Black people is almost worse than white people’s racism. 

However, this is not the fault of any one person or a specific group rather Indians are racist by nature and the type of racism in India is hilariously selective as we have been taught and witnessed this in our society since the tender age about beautiful and fair directly or indirectly. But in this case, also, they choose who to treat with disdain and who not to though. It has become a stereotype for our society that white people are more successful, wealthy, and attractive, and they think black people are druggists and criminals. Even so, Indians watch Hollywood movies and feel immensely thrilled by the performances of blacks. To emphasize more one moment I remember is their excitement at the action scenes with Tyrese Gibson or Ludacris in Fast and Furious 8. Not only this when Barack Obama visited India on January 26, 2015, the world saw India at her best and provided the best hospitality to the president of the US – a black man. However, when they see the same blacks in their country, they are contemptuous. Even though Krishna and many other Hindu gods are described as dark, or even black, that is not enough reason to cleanse them of racism.

However just after the George Floyd black lives matter movement across the world, Unilever and its Indian subsidiary Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) was criticized extensively for promoting colourism and making girls with darker shades feel insecure and inadequate, Besides this, it’s observed for endorsement of Fair and lovely always top Bollywood actors and actresses advertises it to promote and gives a message that “fair skin is a means to finding love or a glamorous job”.

But the main concern arises that changing a name is not enough to change perceptions about skin colour that have been held and perpetuated over centuries.

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