Five Easy Tips To Help You Get Away With Stains

English manners are followed rare on the table when we sit around with our immediate friends for a quick snack-on to which our clothes end up being a catastrophe. Stains sit on your clothes even after rigorous wash and to get along with them is like a no deal-breaker.

Here are five things that will make your clothes live longer and better while leaving no stains unturned.



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There are few stains who are extremely stubborn and don’t want to get out of their zone. In this case, you need to apply undiluted vinegar to the stains to kill the stains by leaving no trace behind. Soak it after a clean wash with detergent. Throw away the detergent water and keep it out to dry. Repeat the process if necessary.



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Do not make a mistake of building a friendship with your stains by keeping it alongside you forever. Let it go because your slow act might kill your favorite attire. Hit that stain before it sets in.



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Apart from feeding yourself with vitamin C containing lemon, feed the stain by squeezing lemon juice onto the stains thus killing all the bacteria that were sitting on your clothes.



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We take the early few hours of sunshine to get the amount of vitamin D required for our body to remain healthy. Now, in order to erase those greasy stains from your clothes, you need to clean the stain with a mild detergent and allow it to dry under the scorching heat. Next minute, you will see, your stains disappearing.



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Baking soda comes handy in most of our daily tasks. One can dilute one tablespoon of baking soda to lukewarm water and keep it for a few minutes. You can use the diluted baking soda on the affected area to reduce the loudness of the stain.

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