Follow these five tips on hair care and say Hi to Monsoon

With the increase in the amount of acid rain, monsoon becomes a blight more than bliss. Hair has been a concern for the all in a schedule where there is no space and time for personal care and choosing the right product is even more back-breaking.

Few tips that might come handy during the monsoon season that must be followed:


Eating right

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Apart from brands aiming a product market value on you, one must not ignore the right amounts of diet nutrients required for their hair. A balanced diet is preferred for healthy-looking hair. In order to strengthen the hair follicles, one must eat foods that are rich in protein, iron and omega 3 fatty acids.


Shampoo the right way

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Many a time we forget that shampoo has a greater impact on our hair. Ecowatch says that we must avoid shampoo’s that contain chemical ingredients such as- Sulfates, Parabens, Fragrance, Triclosan and Polyethylene. This destructive chemical substance could be one reason behind your excessive hair fall.


Hair Oiling

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Remember the last time you got a headache and you went to the parlor or told your mother for a quick head massage? This time you should positively try hair oiling too, and see the aftereffect of your hair post hair luster. I bet it will be an unquestionable experience. One of the oil that is highly hand-down during monsoon days is coconut oil. It contains necessary fatty acids and protein which will nourish your scalp deeply and will strengthen the hair follicles.


Say NO to tying up your hair

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Many a time we make mistakes thinking that leaving our hair open will make it more frizzy and damage. While it is true during summers and winter, equally it is false during monsoon season. Our hair is mostly inviting rainwater to hibernate and tying one’s hair will make is limper. If you have too long hair then you must try out loose ponytail and buns (a trend ).


Pick the right comb

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Comb protects the hair follicles thus generating blood circulation to your roots. Choosing the right comb with the right teeth’s are a must. A quality comb is preferred more then a quantity. Investing money in a good comb will give back your hair rather than making you lose it. Dr. Apoorva Shah, a trichologist, tells TOI and advice people to use a wide-toothed wooden comb for ideally all types of hair. Wooden combs customarily known as tri-comb are the ones recommended by doctors for a healthier hair root and blood circulation.

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