Lexy Lebsack Shares her Top Skin- Care Products For The Summer

When summer hits the peak all we would want to care about is our skin and the skincare products that we set our face during summer. The market is advanced and the homogeneous product variations often make a consumer ask themselves ‘How am I going to know which one is the premiere?’. Senior editor of Refinery29, Lexy Lebsack, recently took to her channel to discuss regarding her effortless summer skincare make-up products that she prefers wearing alongside fiery sunlight.

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She states “All the products that I brought here today are great for summer, for any skin tone or any kind of skin issue that you might. Its all about balance.” She also told how these products have been testing by her beauty team who sit in Los Angeles and New York. These skincare products are mainly for the average consumers who want to go easy with their skincare routine.

Here are five products she highly recommends


Renee Rouleau

Renee Rouleau is a trusted skin-care expert and an Austin based esthetician who is highly celebrated amongst editors, celebrities, bloggers and skincare obsessives. Lexy recommends her best-loved product from this brand are her de-tox mask. She states- “ It really good for balancing the skin to microbial which is the layer which is on the outside of your skin that actually controls of a lot of which is going on to-redness, inflammation, and breakouts.’ Anybody who is under constant stress due to this issue and relies on Renee. The triple berry peel-off mask is the superior amongst which exfoliate, leaves your skin bright and one can use it all the time.



Many a time the sunscreen that we purchase has a lot of formulas which leaves your skin with white caky texture. Supergoop, as mentioned by Lexy, is an ‘amazing’ sunscreen brand that has a lot of formula. She states “ One of the better brands now.” The products that she has picked up are all mineral-based with ingredients such as Zinc and Titanium dioxide which helps our skin in matting out if one gets oily or greasy. It also comes with a tint and spray-on minerals.



One of the dermatology recommended skincare products that Lexy has been using it for two months. The foundation blends into your skin quick thus giving away a shinier glow and a healthy skin texture. It has SPF 50 with all the essentials minerals and comes in a bigger size.



This product helps in balancing the bacteria with essential microbiomes. The brand sits in LA with a variety of products for various skin types. Their mask is a worth purchase with essential prebiotics that is necessary for healthy skin. Their night creams are extremely lighter and one wouldn’t feel they have put up many on their eyes at night. It comes with a soothing smell that makes the journey worthwhile.



Lululemon’s self-care products are a great pick the summer season amongst which the popular products are their deodorants. Lexy recommends one to go with a refillable deodorant for the hot-headed season. The deodorants are aluminum-free which is what makes it a superior catch.

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Written by Sanghamitra Gogoi

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