Things we must keep in mind during the Monsoon season

We all enjoy the thunder, the shower, and the drizzle during Monsoon season. It is a feeling of euphoria when you step into dirt and splash. Similarly, like the colorful festival of India i.e. Holi rain drowns us into mud and water. The climate has tossed its coin to the changing weather and rainy season makes it chaotic.

Things you must keep in mind when rain knocks your door


Say YES to open sandals

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Be it at work, in school or a casual walk down the lane you must have noticed that rainy season makes your feet damp and greasy. In the game trends and fashion, we fail to recognize the water getting accumulated in those attractive looking pair of socks. Skin infections and itchiness are common sights to be seen. You must keep yourself dry and minimalistic as much as you can during an inclement season. Open sandals such as Crocs, Double Strap Slingback shoes, Lotto for men, Floaters and many more are preferable.


Synthetic clothing

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You are walking down the streets of heavily rainy areas and your cotton light colour clothes get wet and sticky. You go red-faced and search for ways to fast your pace. In order to avoid a self-conscious situation, you must keep aside your light coloured cotton clothes and opt for synthetic clothes because synthetic dry’s away water quicker than any other material. Wear dark coloured attires if you aren’t an admirer of loose fitted clothes.


Carry Ziploc bags

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Down the street again, rain pours heavily, in your favorite cotton attire and then you get drenched without any dry portion left. Situations like these can leave you tormented thus the only solution to this is to carry an extra pair of clothing with you inside your bag. Your bag should contain a plastic Ziploc bag to store your wet garments. The Ziploc bag will protect the other subjects inside your bag from your moist attires.


Carry a Power bank

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Power cuts might be a myth to the metropolis but not for the developing states where rainfall leads to immediate power shut down. The power bank is the dominant thing one must carry with themselves no matter wherever you are pinned in the globe. It is a savior during a crisis when you find no plug-ins to charge your phone anywhere.


Avoid layering up clothes

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In the ball game of trends and fashion, we tend to forget that its the monsoon season. Clothes tend to dry very slow and sometimes it takes a week depending on the climate condition. It is suggested for you to wear minimalistic attires. why wear the entire cupboard?

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