This Summer -Oversized is the New Sexy

You must have heard about the phrase “the bigger the better” and it perfectly sinks in today’s Day and Age. Tight fitted clothes are seen way behind with the arrival of baggy attires with its own sense of style and statement. Brands are opting for loosely fitted attires with their own style statement. Many brands are adopting styles that incudes everyone holistically irrespective of any body shape and size.

The trend of wearing oversized attires came into existence in the year 1980 says Porter Journal. There was a time when baggy attires were out the fashion world and wasn’t considered as trendy or fashionable. It wasn’t sexy enough to catch peoples attention since the meaning of being sexy then was a matter of showing one’s hourglass curves. Now, the designer has given an identity to baggy attires by making all age groups irrespective of any size and gender comfortable to gown it.

Few Baggy attires that you can pair with are

Over-sized overcoat with skinny jeans

Image source: Missguided

Baggy pant with an Over-sized t-shirt

Image source: Mr. Porter

A Silver Metallic skirt with Over-sized top

Image source: Pinterest

Over-sized cardigan with skinny jeans

Image source: Amazon

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Written by Sanghamitra Gogoi

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