When Trend meets Personal Style

When was the last time when you were applauded for your creative styling?

Fashion is an individual style statement and one can make use of it without following any trends made available to you. Why not follow the phrase ‘be yourself’ in a fast forward lifestyle where trends are being followed by individuals on a day-to-day basis. Here are a few tricks and tips for the fashion buffs.



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Style is to observe all others around you wearing different attires. Ask yourself whether you like it or dislike it? Retaliate on what you see and ask yourself the change that you would want to give an attire. Initially, it might be a difficult task to perform, if you have stayed away from the style game but eventually, you will master. Try to picture yourself in the same attire that a person wears around you and, if you can’t envision it to yourself, then pass.



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Try not to be a copy-cat if you want the crowd to applaud on your individual style since not all copy-cats succeed. When you see an outfit you like you are mindful of it and the reason why you liked it. It could be the design, color or your own sense of style. Try to add your personal style statement as an extra and see if it works. Tailoring doesn’t come here if you know the art of ‘mix and match’.



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Do you unlock your wardrobe and identify yourself amongst all the attires that you possess? If you don’t, then its time for you to alter your style and create one that defines your distinctive way. A strong wardrobe will help you build your singular style thus creating a sense of a personality that belongs to you. Create a manipulate version of your own clothes and see if you fit in there. Every time you open your wardrobe, it should make you believe – you own it.


Ignore Trends

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Forget the concept of ‘Haute-couture’ or ‘High-Street Fashion’ and focus on what your body type demands of you to wear, unless you want yourself to look off the base. Choose an attire that is reflective of who you are and not what you want or wish to be. Try to mix and match the attires that keeps your eyes hooked up and go for a trial to see if your customized style cracked it.



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A woman’s best friend is her accessories. It gives definition to an individual style attire thus enhancing a regular look. It can be anything ranging from scarves, jewelry, hats, ribbons to hair pieces that you wear. A quick tip is to embellish what you already own with your own individual ‘Do-it-yourself (DIY).

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