Disappearing Bees, Isn’t It A Matter Of Concern: IIT ISM Dhanbad?

In the recent times, the ecological balance of nature is perishing rapidly. The disappearing of bees has a lot to with it. Bees, which are not only the source of honey, but many other things like bee wax, propolis,and bee bread are disappearing fast from our vicinities. And we are the ones most responsible for their disappearance. Through a source, we at Maverick times have come to know that killings of bees is also being continued in institutes of national importance, like IIT ISM Dhanbad. In IIT Dhanbad, several bees were found dead near the new library building.
Apparently these bees had made a beehive near the building. So the administration decided there is only one way to remove them, to kill. So they brought down the bee hive and killed the bees. Now this big question arises that was it the only plausible way to deal with the situation? Couldn’t the
administration would have used any alternative way to deal with the situation? Obviously they could have. They could have just smoked and fled the bee away. But no they have to kill the bees. It is really saddening on the behalf of such an institution that they had to resolve to such inhumane ways of solving meagre problems.

Image source: Maverick times

This is not the only case. There have been many other cases where such incidents have occurred. It raises a question on our awareness about out environment. Bees are one of the most important pollination agents of nature. In sucking out the nectar from flowers, they also carry pollens and ultimately disperse them. In fact because of this only many plants keep growing. Otherwise they would have extinct way back. In an era where environmental responsibility and consciousness is on a rise, such inhumane incidents are really disappointing. While staple crops such as paddy and wheat self-pollinate, many vegetables and fruits rely heavily on external pollinators such as bees to reproduce. In the absence of these pollinators, productivity might decline as much as 80% for some plant species. It is more condescending that the government and other agencies are highly negligent of this big problem which is waiting for us with open jaws.

I hope the concerned authorities lend their ears to this problem. Otherwise the
crescendo of deafening alarms of calamity will be heard soon.

Man I feel like money (man I feel like money)
They’re attracted to me
They come around like honey (they come around like honey)
Cuz I’m fly like a bee… (A piece of song from the track Bizzin’) Kids may wonder soon what these bees are? if this killing of bees continues.

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