NLSIU Students disband their protests

The students of National Law School of India University have called off their protests after receiving assurance that the relevant Supreme Court judges are expected to conclude the process of appointment of new vice-chancellor of the university.

An alumnus of the college, Gopal Sankaranarayanan has issued a statement in which he said that after being contacted by the college and the students asking for help, he made an appointment with the Chief Justice and Judges of the Supreme Court and brought up the matter to them. On Twitter, The Student Bar Association tweeted-“Our protest seems to be coming to a successful conclusion. The following statement was received from an alumnus in conversation with the CJI, who has assured that not only procedural formalities are left in the appointment and will be completed.”

After this stint, it has become more plausible for the students to get the VC of their choice, but it’s not confirmed in. After receiving the assurance, the students have disbanded their protests and will be returning to their classes from tomorrow and also will start taking their semester examinations, which were supposed to start from 23 rd September.

Talking to Maverick Times, the Vice President of the student body Divyanshu R. Badole said- “We want to stick by the decision of the Executive Council and we want to thank honorable Justice Bobde and the honorable Chief Justice of India Justice Gogoi. We respect their decision of selecting the respective candidate whoever they deem fit to lead the Institution.”

When asked whether they would take any other initiative, the vice president continued-“We won’t be taking any other initiative. From tomorrow onwards all classes will resume. Students will attend the classes normally and also our exams are going on. We had called off the protest today but today too we had a paper which we boycotted. But tomorrow students will write their papers. I know it’s painful for them, they didn’t get any preparation time but that’s how NLS is. Academic commitment is too high for us.”

The crisis took a major turn last Friday when the appointment of Prof. Sudhir Krishnaswamy as the VC was delayed by over 50 days. The student body had been urging the administration to complete the remaining formalities of his appointment, but all in vain.

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