A 3-year-old child pleads justice

After the Kathua rape case,
http://mavericktimes.in/news/entertainment/kathua-the-accused-pleading-not-guilty/2507/ this time its 2.5-year-old Twinkle Sharma. The incident took place in Tappal town in Uttar Pradesh where Twinkle Sharma was brutally murdered by perpetrators Zahid and Aslam.

Twinkle’s parents reportedly failed to repay a loan of 10,000 to the Zahid and Aslam, as a result, their daughter was strangled to death. Her body was found lifeless, burnt and mutilated with serious injury marks. The body was discovered on June 2 when a pack of dogs was seen carrying the parts of a human body part.

According to the police, the two murderers Zaid and Aslam are neighbors of the family and they had close monetary dealings with each other. “A case of kidnapping was registered on May 31. The accused have been arrested and they have confessed to the crime. It was a case of personal enmity and there is no sign of rape. The minor was strangled to death and her eyes were gouged out. The accused are in jail now,” said Senior Superintendent of Police Aligarh, Akash Kulhari told IANS.

That giving jail sentence to the perpetrators will not serve justice to a two-year-old who was being murdered in the hands of sick lunatics. The government should be taking serious action with capital punishment to those people who commit a heinous crime like murder on children

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