After Regar, Navnirman Sena to field another lynching expert, Rupendra Rana

When we thought that our politics cannot stoop any lower, Rupendra Rana contesting Lok Sabha Elections break out. He is Dadri lynching ‘fame’, and has served 2.5 years in jail for that.  

Rupendra Rana, one of the accused in the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri over suspicion of beef consumption. He will contest elections from Noida. Earlier, Navnirman Sena gave ticket to Shambhulal Regar to contest elections from Agra. He hacked and burned a Muslim man over love-jihad and recorded it on camera

“Rana is the perfect person to protect cows as he has spent 2.5 years in prison for the respect of gaumata.” 

Amit Jani, UP Navnirman Sena’s chairperson, told Times of India

Stating that the party’s decision to field Rana for the 2019 polls would be announced in Bisada (the village where Akhlaq was lynched) on Monday, 24 September, Jani added that unlike others, Rana had “proven his commitment to the cause” in 2015, instead of making “false promises” of protecting cows. 

According to Jani, the party is fielding Hindu-leaning candidates because it wants a “pro-Hindu government.” He added that the party will hold a Hindu rally on October 14 as well as a ‘Dharma Parishad’ in November.

Our Opinion

The electoral politics in our country has stooped to the point of no return. Criminals getting ticket to contest elections is not new. General public thought that the trend would decrease with time and eventually would end. The reverse is happening. The criminals who are psychopaths are not only getting tickets but are also praised and sometimes, worshiped, by local public. 

Will there be any filter on the background of election participants? We don’t think so. As soon as the elections are held on caste and religion basis, we won’t enjoy such luxury. The reason is that these criminals have carry a fair share of vote-bank on their back. And how? Because of us. We first sympathize their deeds, then we rationalize them and later, after brain-washing everyone, we idolize them. That’s what is happening in our country. 

Only we can change the trend. How? By voting for the most suitable person who can lead us forward. Showing the true power of democracy can beat the trnd. 

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