Air India- The First Airline To Fly Over The North-Pole

Form August 15 Air India will fly to San Francisco from New Delhi over the Polar region. It becomes the first flight to commence operation from the North pole.

The flight will be captained by Rajneesh Sharma and Captain Digvijay Singh carrying passengers of over 300 and will be operated by a Boeing 777.

The result was due to the ongoing tension with the neighbor. “We were asked to be prepared for a Pakistan airspace closure on August 15. Had they shut down their airspace to Indian flights, we still would have flown the polar route, though with a different routing that took the aircraft over Strait of Hormuz and then northbound for the pole,” said an Air India source.

According to the industry reports, the launch of this new route is expected to reduce the flying duration along with the fuel savings on the polar route to be in the region of 2 tonnes to 7 tonnes per flight. Additionally, the reduced carbon emission will contribute towards eco-conservation.

For the purpose of safety and concerns, they have monitored the risk assessment factors, special crew training, weather monitoring, and aircraft serviceability. Also, a special diversion support agency has been hired to assist in aircraft and passenger retrieval.

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Written by Sanghamitra Gogoi

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