Alarming Video Of “Skimming Devices” Installed In ATM’s- User Alerts People

On Saturday a twitter user shared an alarming video on the microblogging site showing the kind of equipment inside ATMs by money looters.

These devices intelligently cloned in order to extract personal data from an otherwise legitimate credit or debit card transaction. These “skimming devices” are installed by criminals with a vigilance which often gives people an impression of a look-alike of the Automated Teller Machine itself.

The consumers are unaware of the small pinhole camera that has been placed carefully by the thieves in order to extract pin numbers.

The minute the card is placed inside the skimmer, it captures and collects all information from the card’s magnetic strip.

A twitter user Rosy took to twitter by uploading a video of a person uninstalling a skimming device at a Canara Bank ATM. It has been discovered by a group of citizens in New Delhi’s Arjun Nagar in the Safdargunj area.

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