Alpesh Thakor: P.M. Modi Eats Mushrooms Worth Rs 4,00,000 a day.

Alpesh thakorĀ is an Indian social and political activist of Indian National Congress from Gujarat. He is a leader of the OBC community in Gujarat now in headline because of his speech or also the rate card speech of the imported mushroom in which he has charged Mr. modi the P.M. for the consumption of extremely expensive imported mushrooms which costs 80,000 per mushroom that comes from taiwan. Whereas it is hard to understand the main concern of Alpesh thakor. Is it the fairness and fitness of Mr. modi that is bothering him or, is it the price that is bothering him.

Whereas he has also clarified the consumption of the mushroom by Mr. modi since he was the chief minister of Gujarat. All though he hasn’t disclosed his secret source. Indian politics has proved again its standard of politics by such charges over each other.

here is the link of the speech.

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