Amitabh Bachchan clears loans for 1,398 Uttar Pradesh farmers

Big B again did what the Governments should do. He paid off loans of Uttar Pradesh farmers worth Rs. 4.05 crores. In a late night blog post on Monday, Amitabh Bachchan revealed he has personally arranged for 70 selected farmers to travel to Mumbai and receive their bank letters. 

He shared the news in his blog where he wrote, “Gratitude leans across to the desire of removing some of the burdens that farmers continue to suffer from…

“It was Maharashtra first, when over 350 farmers loans were taken care of… now its UP and 1398 of them that had out standings of loans on banks has been done with an outlay of 4.05 crore… and the inner peace it generates when the desired is completed.”

On 3900, he wrote, “The 1398 farmers from UP that I have taken care of by paying off their loans with the Bank is now complete .. the Bank has issued them their OTS , the one time settlement document and certificate , and there is a sense of accomplishment .. I shall wish of course to give these settlements , these confirmations that their loans have been paid off, personally .. but getting this large number to the city is not possible ..

So I have identified 70 of them .. am putting them on a train from Lucknow to Mumbai , by booking an entire bogie for them .. they travel on the 25th to be here on the 26th and I shall personally hand them their certificates …”

Amitabh Bachchan again showed the fame-through-charity world the real issues and how to take care of them. This gesture made the politicians diminutive once again. 

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