Assam’s Bihu Dance Misrepresented At “Fit India Movement”

The vulgarisation of folk dances has emerged with the advancement of the electronic mediums. It is heartful to see how skilfully people are exploiting their traditional or folk forms to convey contemporary messages on radio and television.

The ‘Fit India Movement’ launched by Prime of India Narendra Modi was a program that escalated with shows from various different states of India. The Assam’s Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal declares to resolve the States’ “health aware.”

A moment later a bunch of Assamese dancers took the stage to storm with their Bihu dance which is an indigenous folk dance of Assam and its identity. What we got to see post their performance was a heavy outcry of mass-criticism on the kind of misrepresentation of Bihu in a vulgar manner on a national platform.

The Assamese people were left with utter shock and humiliation of the misinterpretation of “Bihu Dance” by the Assamese dancers. The dance form was never humiliated before in a national platform but the exhibition of these dancers with improper costume and dance moves were unrelatable for the indigenous Assamese crowd. The dancers looked utter clueless and very confused and must have had a superficial knowledge about the folk dance, as what they were performing was more like a fusion of the Punjabi Bhangra and Bharatnatyam.

The dancers were seen throwing away their arms in an improper mannerism which has no relation with the actual folk dance. They have made a mockery of the sentiments of the Assamese people in the name of “remix”.

The “Bihu Nasoni” in reality is seen wearing Muga Mekhela-Sador with a full sleeve blouse in order to prevent exposure of body parts. The dancers have no concept of wearing pants underneath their Muga Mekhela which the Dancers at the “Fit India Movement” have shamefully portrayed. Their representation of the Bihu Nasoni dress and their dance is highly disgraceful.

A “Bihu Dance” could not be completed without proper dress code and body movements. The moves of the dance form are inspired by various elements of the nature that includes harvesting movement, weaving movements, the structure of a buffalo horn, etc.

The portrayal of “cheap drama” will not be accepted further from the Assamese people because it is neither creative nor modern. The choreographer should learn that a folk dance like “Bihu” has sentiments attached to it and thus it should not be maligned in an indecent sketch.

There are Assamese people trying to showcase Bihu Dance as it is with great effort and in order to establish the folk dance without diluting the actual in the international arena. Their effort goes into vain if such misrepresentation prevails.

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