Attack on Kejriwal Exposes the Laxity of Security in the Capital

Earlier, females in Delhi were unsafe. Now, even the Chief Minister of Delhi is not safe. After chili powder attack on Kejriwal, Delhi Police arrested a cleric with live bullet when he tried to enter Kejriwal’s house for Janata Darbar. 

“A man was arrested under The Arms Act after a live bullet was seized from him during checking when he went to visit CM Kejriwal yesterday morning. He was among the Muslim clerics who had gone to the CM with a request to increase the salary by Waqf Board,” Delhi Police said.

Delhi police said the cleric told police that he found the bullets in the donation of a mosque, kept it in his wallet and later forgot about it.

This is not the only incident which exposes the security of the Capital. Last week, Kejriwal was attacked by 40-year-old Anil Kumar Sharma with chilli powder when he stepped out of his office after a meeting at the Delhi Secretariat. Sharma was detained by the Delhi Police immediately after the attack.

AAP had claimed that Sharma was a BJP worker and had a history of hurling abuses on Kejriwal through his Facebook posts. Arvind Kejriwal asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resign if he cannot ensure the chief minister’s security. 

Unruly Capital

The laid-back nature towards law was proved during Diwali. Supreme Court bestowed sanctions about bursting crackers in NCR. People ridiculed the decision and did what they ‘felt’ was right. In the end, Delhi recorded the worst Air Quality. A mayhem for the residents as smog covered Delhi for days. 

The Delhites’ attitude towards law is visible in the National Crime Records Bureau’s data, which was released in December last year. Criminals in the capital are becoming more and more immune to the police and laws. In that report, Delhi recorded the highest crime against women rate of 160.4, almost treble the national average of 55.2.

A lot of Work is to be Done

Though the traffic rules are still stricter in Delhi than most of the cities in the country. But, still that is not enough. Security of a place is not only decided by the effectiveness of the Police but also by the citizens abiding the law. In Delhi, people escape by saying: jaanta h mera baap kaun h?  (Translation: Do You know who my father is? )

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