Beware of fake news; Trust the harmony of the Nation

Rumors, hoax messages, fake news, body-shaming, slut-shaming, mass trolling, cyber bullying, etc. has now reached a new maxima. This new maxima is a local maxima for the time being. A global maxima is waiting to be revealed in the future.

In this new era of social media, political parties, religious groups, pressure groups, etc. are spreading their agenda through social media. These agenda brainwash our thinking ability and re-structure it to build hatred towards fellow Indians. This hatred later erupts like volcano in the form of violence which ultimately creates friction between various sections of the society. Certifying Anti-National anyone on the basis of applying rationality or stopping chaos has become the trend in our social universe.

We are taught to first listen then think, then again think and then react accordingly. Now, we listen to react and these reactions are based on nothing. Absolute nothing. Photoshoping photos and editing videos to spread the wrong information about a fact related to religion, our social media nosedived to the local minima. Global minima is yet to be reached.

A person would fall easily by a little force if that person is leaning in the direction of the force. A slight push can make him trip. These posts provide the push. Leaning on the hate line was our choice due to various factors based on our daily lives. The equilibrium was maintained by the passiveness of former governments. Now the push has become stronger. So strong that even a neutral person might fall by such push.

Now the most important thing which might have hovered over all of your mind. Is the situation really so dark and cloudy? Does these clouds are purely dark without any silver lining?

Well to answer these questions, we have to introspect ourselves. Then we should watch our surroundings. We would find that humanity is flourishing without any threats. Harmony, of which we were so proud, is becoming strong. After accepting these facts, the forces which were controlling your mind would vanish and regain a new equilibrium of peace. Let us help you to regain your goal with the following pics:

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