Beware: This image of terrorist Kamran is Photoshopped

The mastermind behind Pulwama attack died along with 2 other terrorists in an encounter which also took the lives of our four brave soldiers. The image regulated in the media is Photoshopped. Let’s know how.

The image was basically of a commando in a black uniform. The maker of the image cleverly fitted the head in this image. The left side of the arm is abnormally stuffed into the uniform. Besides, the uniform also has a name badge. The terrorist is also wearing a watch. He is also holding a walkie-talkie.

Walkie-talkie could be excused as terrorists have become technologically advanced due to proper funding from Pakistan. He has a name tag. Which terrorists’ organisation issue name badges to its terrorists? They always want to keep them under cover. Now coming to arms. Since the maker found a suitable head and body, the original torso was not convincing due to angle and face to body ratio. So, they inserted the left arm abnormally into the image in order to look convincing. The maker tried it’s best to make the image look intimidating.

In short, the image editor was not professional. He was careless. Conspirators, hire someone better next time.

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