BJP’s Sadhana Singh accused Mayawati of compromising her dignity for power

Making derogatory comments on the opposing politicians is the essence of Indian Politics. Though it is not something to be proud of and as the elections approach, the ‘hate-speech’ become frequent.

Recently, a lawmaker of BJP in Uttar Pradesh, Sadhana Singh, grab eyeballs with her comments on BSP supremo – Mayawati. She said that Mayawati “was a blot on womankind”. Sadhana also¬†accused her of “selling her dignity for power”.

“She (Mayawati) has no self-respect… she was almost molested earlier and yet… in history, when Draupadi was molested, she took a vow to seek revenge… but this woman, she lost everything, but still sold her dignity for the sake of power. We strongly condemn Mayawati ji. She is a blot on womankind. A woman who gulped insults for comfort and power … is a blot on womankind,” Sadhana Singh, the legislator from Mughalsarai, said at a rally on Saturday.

When her remarks drew attention, she expressed ‘regret’ over her comments.¬†“I had no intentions of disrespecting anyone. I express regret if someone was hurt by my words,” she said in a statement.

Sadhana Singh’s comments referred to the infamous episode when Mayawati was assaulted by Samajwadi Party workers at a guest house in Lucknow in 1995. This incident triggered decades of animosity and would have continued forever. It ended when the two parties decided to come together for the national elections in Uttar Pradesh. The announced a “gathbandhan” or alliance at a joint press conference by Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav last week. The BSP chief said that she had decided to put the past behind her “for the sake of the nation”, seemingly aimed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had, at a rally, taunted her for “forgetting” that episode while allying with the Samajwadi Party.

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