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BJP proposal of alterations in the farm laws rejected by the farmers, Opposition to meet President Kovind

The central government has drafted a new proposal on December 9, after the meeting of the farmers with the Union Home Minister Amit Shah reached a dead result. It was stated that all the private mandis are to be registered under APMC which also includes a written guarantee of the Minimum Support Price. 

Additionally, the meeting with the Agricultural Minister, Tomar was cancelled when the farmers union leaders denied to attend it. They have also refuted the government’s proposal of alterations in the farm laws and are not ready to negotiate with their demands of the abrogation of the farm laws. 

The meeting on December 8, yielded no results and the farmers declared the Bharat Bandh as the government was not ready to abolish the concerned laws. 

The opposition leaders in the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, Sitaram Yachury, Sharad Pawar and D Raja are planning to meet the President of India on December 9 requesting him to intervene in the matter and resolve the issue. They are hoping to get the President to order the government to abolish the farm laws. 

Sharad Pawar, NCP president said that all the opposition parties will have a discussion and take a stand against the ‘black laws’ before the meeting with Ram Nath Kovind, President. 

Vijay Rupani, Gujarat Chief Minister taunted the congress in their support of the protest, asking the back door president Rahul Gandhi if he even knew the Methi (fenugreek) and dhaniya (coriander) that he is leading the farmer’s protest and claiming that it only benefits the large organisations and corporates.

On December 8, even the Aam Aadmi Party accused the Delhi police of keeping the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in a house arrest for supporting the farmer’s protest. He had visited the Delhi border on Monday to protest against the laws passed by the parliament. Later, the party members were not permitted to enter his residence. 

AAP claimed the police have put Kejriwal under house arrest. “When our MLAs went to meet the chief minister, they were beaten and thrown on the streets. The party volunteers were also not allowed to meet,” they accused.

Is Arvind Kejriwal under house arrest? | - allnewsflash
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The Delhi police refuted the accusation, even the central government criticised AAP for undertaking activities with “lies, deceit and propaganda”.

Gaurav Bhatia, BJP member challenged Kejriwal to step outside his residence to show if cops try to prevent him from leaving. He also said that if it was the truth, they would have flooded the media with hundreds of images and videos to support their allegations and would have filed suits in courts even United Nations”, he added.

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Written by Shailly Agarwal

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