BMC clearing road-side encroachments and vendors, which they let them grow earlier!

BMC is going to severe lengths to ensure that another fire mishap doesn’t break-out. For this, they have announced that from Christmas to the New Year Eve, they would be performing fire-checks on restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, etc. Besides, they are wrecking the road-side encroachments and forcing vendors to flee. Now the question arises that what made them to grow ‘illegally’ in the first place?

5 major incidents of fire in the financial capital of India reveals a very murky picture of BMC. Though accidents are unpredictable but still, the proper management can prevent it. The shops and restaurants use their money to pass their fire-security standards. BMC is more than willing to do the wrong thing in return for some monetary benefits. So, when a fire breaks out due to short-circuit or any other reason, the accident becomes the disaster.


The BMC is largely responsible for the mushroom-like spreading of vendors and road-side illegal encroachments. In return of living and carrying out their business, BMC asks for money or hafta. When they are unable to pay them, they become berserk and come breaking their encroachments. These activities used to happen in the past too but at a very minor scale. It has increased. The corruption in BMC is skyrocketing. And the worse thing – everyone knows but no one is doing anything!

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Written by Sugat Srivastava

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