Boy committed suicide after being forced to watch Friend getting gang-raped

The rape culture is growing and flourishing like there is no law present in the country against it. Recently, in Chhattisgarh’s Korba district, a boy committed suicide as he was forced to witness his friend’s gang-rape.  

A 19-year-old boy committed suicide. The police officials said that the alleged rape took place under Katghora police station jurisdiction on September 1. 

The reason behind the suicide came to light when the victim walked into a police station and told the cops that the boy killed himself because she was gangraped and he was forced to watch it by the two men. Two men, Ishwar Das and Khem Kanwar, have been arrested and booked in the case.

In her complaint, the girl said that she was walking home when the boy offered to drop her home since the road was deserted and she was alone. Das and Kanwar took advantage of the situation, spotted the two near a school and accosted them. 

This was mere the beginning of the nightmare. The accused then thrashed both of them and took their mobile phones. Terrified, the girl tried to escape but was dragged back to the spot and gangraped. The boy, who was barely conscious, was forced to watch and bore the scar in his heart.

Next day, the boy came to know that the two men had told some of the people in the village. They were defamed. Already witness such horror, this was not bearable for him. He hanged himself at his house, the police official said. Das and Kanwar were arrested on Wednesday. Police is carrying out further investigation. 

Our Opinion

The increasing number rapes indicate that the rapists are not afraid of laws. They use their influence and get away. Besides, society also didn’t take too much pain to boycott them. The family values, position of women in their respective families, accosting and abusing victims in the name of morality and ethics, lead to the sickening of their mentality and then they indulge in such heinous crimes. They know that no-one can stop them and only the victim would be blamed for the mishap. 

There is no stopping to the mayhem and there won’t be. We Indians unite for Bharat Bandh against price hike, reservation, caste, religion, etc. But, are these things greater than a human life which get maligned by such notorious incidents? Can’t we unite and face against the rape culture?

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