Bring the seats, become the PM

PM’s seat is up for grabs. Just bring the maximum number of seats and become the most powerful and important person in India.

Sharad Pawar’s math for selecting PM is going to be the next headache for Congress. According to Mr. Pawar,  the party getting the maximum number of seats in the 2019 polls would claim the post. He was also happy that Congress president Rahul Gandhi is not in a hurry for the post. Besides, he would go to every state party and try to convince them not to side with Modi’s BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha Polls.  

“Let elections take place, remove these people (BJP) from power. We will sit together. Whichever party has got more seats can claim the prime minister’s post,” Mr Pawar said. “I am happy that the Congress leader (Rahul Gandhi) has also said he is not in the race for the prime minister’s post.” 

Sharad Pawar 

Yesterday, the Congress flag-bearer had reiterated that being Prime Minister is not on his mind.

“I don’t have these visions. I view myself as fighting an ideological battle and this change has come in me after 2014. I realised that there’s a risk to Indian state, to Indian way of doing things and I’m defending that,” Mr Gandhi had said. 

Indicating that he was ready to pick up the slack, Mr Pawar said he would “try to go to each state and make regional parties which are not with the BJP to join us (the opposition alliance)”.

“Congress is strong in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. In Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati-Akhilesh are there. Situation is different in each state. Hence, we will have to get along with parties which are strong in each state,” Mr Pawar added. 

With less than a year left for the polls, regional powerhouses like Mamata Bannerjee, Mayawati, etc. are becoming ambitious for the National role. Sharad Pawar’s latest statement indicates that Opposition is keen to form a united Opposition alliance to keep BJP at bay. Power is not on anyone’s mind. But is it? Will it be so simple to choose the Prime Minister among the thirsty stalwarts of Indian politics? Will everyone obey with the decision and not budge to the petty representation in the Cabinet? Only Time would tell. 

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