Consumer fights back at Bata

It was a necessary step taken by the Chandigarh Consumer Forum asking Bata India Ltd to pay Rs 9000, for charging a consumer Rs 3 on a paper bag that displayed their brand logo. Now, the question is how many brands have taken it with a pinch of salt and how many have taken it earnestly.

 It was a much needed step for Dinesh Prasad Raturi  to place a complain against the illegal advertisement of brands by charging extra cash on paper bags displaying brand logo. Due to our ignorance, we fall for endorsements unknowingly until someone steps forth claiming its fallaciousness. Consumers today need to be aware of all the wrongdoings that is prevalent in a market where loot is the prevalent practice. Promoting a brand by charging consumers an extra for the same is a matter of grave concern and it needs a full stops.

“If Bata India is an environmental activist, it should have given the same to the complainant free of cost. He never intended to purchase the carry bag and it was to be provided by the seller, Bata,” said the Forum. Saving trees and deforestation seems a limping excuse on the part of the marketing when there are NGO’s serving the same with no cost intake . So, the right reasons needs to be addressed before it departs.

What do you think?

Written by Sanghamitra Gogoi

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