Delhi: “Suney sabki, karey dil ki’,SC Goes Unheard By The Rape Capital

By:Shubhi Mishra

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Pollution in Delhi inflates, stomping the hopes of a pure Diwali.

20th Oct 2017: The prompt slump in the air quality was recorded as the capital moved forward to celebrating the festival of lights, smashing the desires of the apex court. The deterioration of the air quality started from around 7 AM, and the pollution monitoring stations displayed, Delhi suffering from a very low-quality air. The supreme court had put a ban on the sale of firecrackers in the areas of Delhi NCR with a hope to bring down the pollution level in the capital region, but its efforts went to drain.

With the proceeding evening, the celebrations countered were pretty cold, and the measured pollution level was also fair. However, what appeared to be a quieter Diwali soon turned to a havoc, with continuous bombardment of firecrackers. A tweet by the Delhi traffic police said – “Air quality remained “very poor” in Delhi. Prominent pollutants PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels remained above the normal standards at most of the locations in the city.” Fact-ually, a ‘very poor’ index rate summarises to, the air which may cause respiratory illness on a prolonged projection to the same.

One considerable point here is, not only the capital defied the Court’s ban, it also witnessed a hike of pollution level by as much as 24 times at some places, according to a report. The situation was parallel in the other capital regions such as Gurugram, Noida, and Ghaziabad where things changed, but for worse.

Had the administration been a little more coherent in implementing the court’s order, situations would have been different. But then, when did we had time. We twisted it our way, the ‘Communal Way’.

Check out the Tweet by Delhi Police;

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Written by Sharad Maverick

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