Education or Political Blunder, SSC To CBSE!

By: Vaibhav Singh

“ The 21st century is the century of knowledge and India has the responsibility to make its contribution. It is the demand of time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi incantated these words
while addressing a function at Banaras Hindu University, as part of Good Governance Day

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Even after completing three good years of his tenure as a Prime Minister, the appreciation
would be futile if such cases keep on marking. The CBSE leak after the SSC , is a blow to the
prodigious futures of our nation. Many students tweeted and posted regarding the issue and
most of them are ascertain regarding the trust issues with the government organizations. The
parents in the news bites stated that their children are dejected.

Four individuals are arrested regarding the matter and a Special Investigation Team along with
Delhi Police and CBI are carrying out raids at several locations in Delhi to dig inside the matter.
Now , the basic question regarding these chaos arises that is this mega education system of
India totally is in the hands of government ? Is the education system safe and reliable? Is
government taking care of the credibility of the students? The answer to these questions can be a partial yes or no , because on one hand we say that the Americans are threatened of their jobs because of the quality of Indians and on the other hand encounter such scams in one of the biggest exams in our country, quite contrary.

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Future of Students 

Let’s try to understand the situation of country through statistics of engineering colleges in our country. For instance ‘Bhopal, on one highway, you’ll find at least, two engineering colleges. Now raising the curtains, another survey shows that 9 out of 10 engineerings are unemployed. So what does it show! The debacle of the Indian education system, Obviously.  According to Global Monitoring Report (GMR) India is home to one-third of the adult illiterates in the world.

Producing engineers isn’t a solution for a developed nation and developed population, but, spreading education is the most important.

The situation gets more obnoxious when we realise that Jio is ringing bell of every door in India, but our education system couldn’t. Indian education and the global vicinity. A total of 34% Indians are working in Microsoft, 36% is the piston of Indians in NASA, 38% of the total doctors in US are Indians. The numbers are lucrative and worth appreciation.

Now take a look at some other stats-
Percentage of Indians not enrolled in schools
5.3% at the age of 14
20.7% at the age of 17 , and
30.2% at the age of 18 are not enrolled in schools.
The smiles would’ve taken an opposite curve after reading this. The foreigners are again doing the same that they did in their 200 years long reign in the country. Stealing our jewels and installing them as murals. But this time, they are not the miscreants , the miscreants are the culprits who couldn’t keep hold of such indigenous talents by not paying them worth their work. A student who applies for a loan and studies hard day and night only to earn a good amount, the accolades are just a consolation for his achievement. Indian system is unable to provide lump sum wages for the services , and instead prefers lending a low wage , low quality service.
This is the reason why our very own. Make in India scheme failed so miserably. These are definitely not good days because working on the higher level cases if we are not uplifting the grass root level problems like education, illiteracy and unemployment.

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