EIU Lowers Delhi’s Ranking In The World’s Most Liveable Cities Ranking

The aggravating rise in pollutions has pulled the capital city of India to rank 118 on a list of the world’s most liveable cities which has been recorded in the annual survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit on Wednesday.

Factors such as the increase in the major crime rate in Delhi along with other petty crime were other reasons which have tumbled their record. Along with New Delhi now it is the financial hub following the footstep. Mumbai was overtaken by Vienna for the second consecutive year and the city has fallen two places since last year to rank 119th on the list.

The EIU who ranks 140 cities on the premise of five categories such as stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure, has reported that the number of reporters in India is showing a graph of diminishing rates. There have been incidences cited where journalists are abused for performing their own duty.

In recent years liveability has generally been rising, thanks to improvements in stability and better education and healthcare provision in cities within emerging markets. But these improvements are under serious threat from an increasingly adverse climate,” says Agatha Demarais, global forecasting director of EIU.

The major factor of the undermining stagnation of Delhi is climate change which has a changed on liveability. Cairo in Egypt is facing a similar situation due to climate change, such as poor air quality, undesirable average temperatures, and inadequate water provision.

There are several other global cities that have acquired a mixed bag of scores amongst which all are London and New York ranked 48th and 58th out of the 140 other cities. The BRIC countries have successfully managed to acquire a fair position with Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) positioned at the 89th place, Moscow (Russia) at 68th, St Petersburg (Russia) 71st. In Asia the Chinese cities in the list- Suzhou at 75th, Beijing 76th, Tianjin 79th, Shanghai 80th, Shenzhen 84th, Dalian 90th, Guangzhou 96th, and Qingdao 97th.

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