Farmer Suicide Year: More Than Swach Bharta Abhiyaan , We Need “Jai Javan, Jai Kisan”

It is shameful for country like India whose Identity is Agriculture based despite the farmer suicide is one of the main concern of India. The most important profession is not even serving the farmers with lives, it’s funny to talk about the profit they may make.
Year 2017 is one which will be known for topping the list in highest number of farmer suicide, farmers agitation, farmers movements whether it is in Mandsour, Bikaner, Kathiyawad, Tamil Nadu or any place of Indian subcontinent.From throwing vegetables on roads to sitting partially nude in the national capital, going on peacefull parade around the state, doing all these farmers tried their best to drew attention from the policy makers, but unfortunately the result was and is null.
If we go we the data, we’ll find some shocking details, in last 3 years about 1344 farmers suicide were reported in Chattisgarh in last three years, while in Gujarat more than 1500 farmers suicide were reported in last three years. The main reason of these suicide is the huge amount of debt lagging oj the shoulders of the feeder.¬†Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Gurjart and Odissa are the state which tops the list in farmers suicide.
Even after repeated reports of farmers suicide and much agitation, government awarded loan waiver of Rs 1 to Rs 18 to the farmers. Which is more like playing a prank upon the farmers.As per the central agricultural statistics report a farmer earns only Rs 7926 per annum. Which is far less than the salary of a peon in any office.This year will change in a day but what one should be concerned about is whether the situation of farmers is going to change or not. Every government comes with the promises of providing new techniques, launches new schemes but the result remain same. Farmers are forced to quit farming, or to suicide, to sell out their land.

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