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After 6 Months Now SIT Has A Strong Suspect Under Custody In The Gauri Lankesh’s Case

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) has taken 37-year-old K.T. Naveen Kumar into custody on Friday, 2 March, for 8 days’ custody for interrogation. Naveen also has connection with Hindu Yuva Sena. Senior officer have described him as a “strong suspect” to ascertain his possible role in the murder of Gauri Lankesh 

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Naveen was illegally trying to sell .32 mm cartridges in Bengaluru’s Cottonpete, recovered 15 rounds of cartridges from him. The cartridges found in Naveen’s possession and the cartridges used to kill Gauri (of 7.65 calibre) are interchangeable in many weapons says, Ballistic experts.

How well can an idea be if to stop it had to be killed?
It’s not a murder of a journalist but the murder of an idea, of a beautiful democratic brain and progressive pen. I am still amazed how come questions like “what was she doing at that time” didn’t arise yet. There were questions about how she was never scared of anything. How was she openly presenting her thoughts and working towards the change? She got a lot of threats but they could only had to kill her to stop her.

Murder of Gauri Lankesh led to a lot of protests in different parts of the country. It brought people on streets. People are angry and sad with the death of a veteran journalist who was an activist too. She wrote about Naxalites and wanted the government to hear their demands. Maybe this was the reason why someone on Twitter abused her. Nikhil Dadhich was just another Twitter user followed by the Twitter handle of PM official. Enough irony? I guess. I don’t want to blame any political party, that’s not going to change anything. We need to get over this blame game. One of the reason of my anger is, because as soon as this came out as headlines my friends started calling and asking me to re-think about my profession. One of my friends said “They’ll never let you speak the truth. You’ll be a puppet in the hands of the political framework. Do you want to do this? Is this what you’ve been dreaming of since you were 12? I am telling you, you’ll die suffocating.” Really? Are my dreams this easy to be sold?
Maybe it’s just a phase in my head.

But if we ponder about ..Why are we even studying about it? We should be taught about bargaining, selling and creating controversial / sensational stories. If this is what it is then it’s not less than Vernacular Act of 1878. I now see British as lenient rulers. I don’t want to wholly blame media houses for this. It’s a cycle again. Reading the same newspaper and complaining about the quality of reports is the favorite pass time of every Indian. Not once they thought of changing the newspaper. Oh, how else will they be able to read about new latest affair gossips?
Once you understand the cycle the second step will accept it. Third will ready to be a part of it.
Currently, I am on the second stage.

“Aren’t you scared?” I don’t know what to answer.
\Honestly, I just pretend that I don’t see or feel anything wrong. Deaths or I should rather say murders of Journalist do not make me weak. They make me more specific about my goals and objectives of being a Journalist. Am I the only one wishing second freedom for our country? Wishing a No-Ban on stupid things state, hoping to write and speak freely.

What do you think?

Written by Sharad Maverick

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