Ghost News: Amit Shah-linked Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank scam

Amit Shah, President of BJP, doesn’t like to stay in ‘bad’ limelight. Due to that, he ‘creates’ selected controversies and scams, re-edit the words he spoke and then takes complete U-Turn. Media, on the other hand, helps in burying evidences of such scams and through IT cell, he comes clean, always. So clean that it seems like no scam word doesn’t exist in BJP’s dictionary. From sidelining police officers to sidelining senior leaders, Amit Shah indeed has come a long way.

Early Life of Scamster Shah

It all started with 2002 Gujarat riots. He was accused of sidelining the police officers who testified against the Gujarat government in cases related to the fake encounters and riots. After that, DGP Kuldeep Sharma made allegations about his transfer. He said that he had been moved from the police department to Gujarat State Sheep and Wool Development Corporation, after he accused Shah of taking a bribe of Rs 2.5 crore to bail out a conman who fraudulently withdrew Rs 1,600 crore from the Madhavpura Mercantile Cooperative Bank.

Snoopgate case further maligned his image. In 2013, investigative websites, Cobrapost and Gulail, accused him of ordering illegal surveillance on a woman in 2009, during his tenure as a home minister. And yet again, he slipped out of the leaky hands of ‘justice’.

The Current Case

Congress accused and demanded probe against Amit Shah. The matter is that the Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank exchanged currency worth ₹745.58 crore within five days of Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing demonetisation on 8th November 2016. BJP president Amit Shah was the Chairman of the bank and is currently serving as a director.

The Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank is the only one of the 370 district cooperative banks across the country to receive such a large sum of demonetised notes in five days. As a result, the money stash attracted attention and at last investigation went deeper into the matter.

Erasing and Manipulating News

Amit Shah has a long history of manipulating news. He covered every scam with utmost precision. Scamster like him is still loved and feared by Indian Media houses and only a few has the balls to oppose him. For instance, search Google regarding this scam, you shall be shocked with such an mind-boggling low response. On the other hand, IT cell circulates messages and memes on social media, which brain wash the Youth. This diverts them from real issues like jobs, development, education, crimes, etc. The focus changes and make them cow vigilante and spread communal hooliganism.

The government is becoming hypocritical and talks about its shallow achievements like Rural electrification, Doklam, road building, etc. Though these achievements are shallow but they present them in such a way that common man begins appreciating them. The common man changed the past government because of their tryst with scams. He shall soon find out that this government is no different.

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