Guide for Criminal Politicians to get rid of their cases

Bypassing judiciary and making fun of the public is a stunt which should be performed by specialists only. Only few specialists are worthy enough to become ‘Sankatmochan’ for their criminal MLAs. This article is a guide, including short notes on two important cases in recent times which taught the politicians how to flush their criminal records. 

Yahweh Yogi

In December 2017, Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, became immortal in the hearts of his MLAs. He initiated the process to withdraw 20,000 cases against MLAs. He termed them ‘politically motivated’ and tabled the Uttar Pradesh Criminal Law (Composition of Offences and Abatement of Trials) (Amendment) Bill, 2017. 

Maharashtra Government: Knights of the Round Table

Yogi is not the first one but the flamboyant one. Maharashtra Government passed a Government Resolution (GR) in August 2016. Due to GR, 41 cases withdrawn against the MLAs within the span of 15 months. This was the 4th attempt. Government setup a committee which comprised of Cabinet Ministers and Senior Bureaucrats. They cleared the Resolution in no time. Earlier, government attempted the Resolution in 2010, 2015 and in 2016. Senior cops and District Magistrate made up the committee at that time. So, the mission couldn’t be accomplished. 

The most interesting part is that these are the cases which are requested by the government to be dropped as there are meager evidences. Police denies clearly. A senior cop, who was a member of previous committee, has clearly stated that none of the police official gave green signal to the cases. Only MLAs were eager to pass the Resolution. 


Its clear as a crystal. Form the government, first. Divert the mind of the public and then brain-wash them. When the people are busy in fighting for senseless things like castes, religion, etc., pass such Acts in the Assembly. And, your criminal background is as clean as an angel (not Lucifer).   

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