H&M Terminates Leather Purchase From Brazil Amidst Amazon Rainforest Fires

The world’s second-biggest fashion brand H&M has stopped its purchase of a leader from Brazil with regard to concerns foregrounding Amazon wildfires. The step has been taken with concerns regarding the environment.

A vast majority of leaders originate from Europe and only a small part of Brazil.

Due to the severe fires in the Brazilian part of Amazon rainforest, and the connections to cattle production, we have decided to place a temporary ban on leather from Brazil,” said H&M in an emailed statement.

There have been a tremendous outcries with public protestors protesting for the fact that the government has done too little to protect the world’s largest tropical rainforest. Brazil’s space research says that it is one of the worst fires since 2010.

The ban will be active until there are credible assurance systems in place to verify that the leather does not contribute to environmental harm in the Amazon,” says H&M

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