IIT Kharagpur Graduate Invents Device To Curb Air-Pollution

Air pollution has become one of the top major concerns when it comes to climate control. After so many efforts and policies been made the percentage of impure air remains the same. Recently, a device has been invented by a graduate from IIT Kharagpur to curb air pollution.

Debayan Saha invented a device named “PM 2.5” which he claims can be fitted near the silencer pipe in vehicles. He is a mechanical engineer and a graduate from IIT Kharagpur has invented this device keeping in mind the condition of air pollution in India.

The device as he mentions will be able to neutralize the pollution emitted from 10 cars in its vicinity.

The technology developed by us uses a combination of electric energy and wave energy to influence the pollutants like PM 2.5 such that they act like a magnet attracting other particulate pollutants from the ambient atmosphere to get attached to it. As they grow bigger in size they become heavy and fall off safely on the ground like soil,” said Mr. Saha, who was also a research fellow at AIIMS who worked on air pollution.

He further says- “One car on the street can now alleviate the pollution in its immediate environment, and potentially neutralize the pollution emitted from 10 cars in its vicinity. Diving really deep into the problem they found the main culprit is not PM-2.5 but its tiny size because of which it can easily enter into our lungs and bloodstream.”

He is constantly in talks with various organizations to commercialize his product.

Delhi has always been in the eyes of all when it comes to air pollution, as the blanket of toxic air surrounds the territory with toxic air on Wednesday. The quality of air is depleting every day with “very poor” levels of air, affecting visibility and causing inconvenience to residents.

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