In Himachal, The ‘Chowkidar’ became vocal and vowed to catch the ‘thieves’

PM Modi, while addressing his Jan Aabhar rally, in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh said that he won’t spare the ‘thieves’ (meant Congress). He bashed the loan waiver move by the Congress and said that it is meant to mislead the farmers. He also stressed on One Rank One pension scheme and blamed Congress for delaying it.

“For the last 40 years, this country’s soldier was demanding the One Rank, One Pension scheme. The then government fooled our soldiers and kept only Rs 500 crore for it. When we came to power, I called for the file and officers were left stunned,” said the prime minister.

“We realized there was Rs 12,000 crore required for it. It’s difficult for the government to take out Rs 12,000 crore in one go so I called soldiers and asked them to give it in four-five installments and they agreed. Today I am happy, we gave it in four installments,” he added.

To reply the ‘chowkidar’ jibes by the Opposition, he lashed them by saying that those who were in the habit of looting money were now afraid of the country’s ‘chowkidar’.

“Those who were in the habit of looting, they are now feeling afraid of the country’s ‘chowkidar’ and are now abusing him,” Modi said adding “this chowkidar is not prepared to spare thieves”.

The PM also praised the soldiers from the state, describing it as the land of brave army men who were ever ready to make the supreme sacrifice at the border. He further said that development projects worth Rs 26,000 crore were under way in various sectors in Himachal Pradesh.

Congratulating Jairam Thakur on completing one year as chief minister, Modi said, “Himachal Pradesh is like my home. I worked here for several years for the party’s organisational work.”

The prime minister also released a booklet on the achievements of the BJP government in the state. Later, he went through an exhibition put up by the state government to showcase the benefits of state and Centre-sponsored schemes.

The politicians are in election mood and shall not spare a single chance to gain the upper ground. Congress started it by waiving farmers’ loan. Though it is a very short-sighted decision but at least they delivered their promise. BJP on the other hand is making amends for the move Congress played and bringing out their other shortcomings. The tug-of-war will continue till the election.

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