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Jaganmohan Reddy Stabbed At Vizag Airport

In a cowardice act shown by a ‘fan’, VSRCP president Jaganmohan Reddy was stabbed while taking selfie with him. The incident injured his shoulder. 

Our Take

Call it a politically motivated move, publicity stunt by the attacker or anger of the public, the act should be condemned. This was a security breach, which the attacker,  J Sriniwas Rao, took advantage of.

The new trend of selfie with the politician is partially responsible for this. Rao claimed to be a big fan of Reddy. He entered the VIP lounge for offering a cup of coffee. He then asked for a selfie and Reddy obliged. Rao allegedly pretended to take a picture and then struck him with the knife. Reddy deflected the blade with his hand and thus, injured the shoulder. The weapon which was used is not much dangerous and is commonly used in bird fights. 


According to police officer, RP Thakur, it was a publicity stunt by the attacker. 

“He seems to have done it for publicity. We have found a 9-10 page letter from his pocket which we are studying to establish a motive.”

RP Thakur

Reddy later tweeted: 

Though the wound is not life-threatening, but anything could have gone wrong. The blame game is on by finding or inventing a political conspiracy angle to the incident. 

What do you think?

Written by Sugat Srivastava

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