J&K Doors Open For Post-Paid Mobile Connectivity From Monday

The plight of mobile phone users in Jammu and Kashmir have restored after 72 days of silence. Mobiles came back to life in the valley on Monday connecting 40 lakh post-paid subscribers to their near and dear ones.

As promised by the government on Saturday, the phone connectivity started operating from noon and people from the valley started dialing numbers to speak to those they were unable to connect since August 5 when the Centre abrogated Article 370 from the Indian Constitution.

The mobile phone services are only limited to post-paid users and only voice calls and SMS are on service and others such as pre-paid mobile phones and internet services, including WhatsApp, will remain deactivated, for now, say officials.

This day is no less than Eid for us. In a global era of the world becoming one, transcending borders, we were cut off from the rest of the world for more than two months,” said Nighat Shah.

The Security Guard are fully guarded and alert for any possible outcry or challenges during this time, says officials.

The state opened its doors for tourists last week and even the educational institutions are also open, but attendance has been scanty. The lack of mobile phone connectivity brought immense hardship to the people. The announcement of the restoration of mobile phones is the significant step taken towards ending the communication blockade.

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