Law Commission Endorses Proposal For One Nation One Election

Law Commission endorses simultaneous elections throughout the Nation. The motive behind the proposal is to save huge amount of resources and time which get wasted by conducting elections. 

Recommending changes in the Constitution and the electoral law to hold simultaneous polls, the panel said that it can prevent the country from being in constant election mode.

Such an exercise, the draft report said, will save public money, help reduce the burden on administrative setup and security forces and ensure better implementation of government policies. 

A week ago, Chief Election Commissioner O P Rawat categorically ruled out any possibility of holding simultaneous elections for both the Lok Sabha and the state assemblies. 

The ruling party is strongly in favor of the idea. According to them, it would ensure that the Nation is not in “election mode” throughout the year. 

Our Opinion

The idea is revolutionary and seeks attention. Election in a state does affect the other states as well. A lot of resources get wasted due to continuous election processes. But again, the idea is little primitive and requires planning. 

Before going forward with the idea, a legal framework should be constructed and perfected. The states in which elections were conducted recently should be noted and should think about them as well. Besides, do we have that much manpower to conduct simultaneous elections? 

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