Medical Student Themselves Need Treatment After 300% Hike In Fee

By: Vaibhav Singh

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Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical and health sciences , a medical college in Uttarakhand is
in the headlines from the last few days because of it’s absurd rise in fee structure. The college
raised it’s MBBS fee by 300% . The students are sitting on a protest from the day college made
the announcement and are persecuted by the fee hike. Fees for the under graduates(UG)
raised from 5 lakhs to 19.76 lakhs and for Post Graduates(PG) raised from 7.38 lakhs to 26.6

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The first year students paid Rs 5 lakh, while now they are being asked to pay the revised fee
(over Rs 20 lakh) for the second year, the student said. The students need to pay an additional
Rs 15 lakh to match the Rs 19.76 lakh fee of the first year, a student of first year told the media
on the condition of anonymity.
The students are acrimonious and same time saddened by the decision as many students come
from middle class background and are already studying on loans , so affording this much fee
isn’t possible for their pockets and purse.

The authorities of the university regarding the autonomy in deciding the fee stated that the matter was in the Uttarakhand High Court at the time of admission list year. According to them at that time the students signed affidavit stating that once the matter is resolved by the court then they will pay the fees as decided by the institute.

The Chief Minister of the state , Trivendra Rawat said, “Rs 500-700 crore is invested in a medical college. The government does not provide any monetary help to set up one. The government wants to welcome investors in the state, so we’ve allowed the private medical institutes to decide their fee. However, if the institute charges exceptionally high amounts, then the government will intervene.”
The college administration says that the students allegations of a hike is illegitimate and denies
any possibilities in the rollback of fees.

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Written by Sharad Maverick

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