Million Dollar Question: Kerala Flood Caused by Whom?

Floods in Kerala is caused by whom? Nature? because of its torrential rainfall? Government? by opening dams carelessly before flood and ignoring reports on ecologists? Women? by entering Sabarimala temple? Or the latest, beef festival in Kerala?

The natural disaster and government carelessness could be rationalized for the disaster by every sane person. But in the eyes of insane right wing ‘Nationalists’ women’s entry into a temple and beef sale in Kerala caused the disaster.

Mr Yatnal, a BJP MLA in adjacent state Karnataka, connected the massive crisis to cow slaughter.

“Slaughtering cows is against the feelings of the Hindu community. One should not hurt the feelings of other religions. Now you see what happened to Kerala, they openly slaughtered cows and you see in less than one year they’ve come to this stage,” he said.

“Whoever hurts the feelings of the Hindu community will be punished this way.”

He was referring to a beef festival that was held about a year ago by Kerala legislators in the state assembly canteen to protest against a central government order banning cattle killing and trade. 

Earlier, Hindu Makkal Katchi – a right-wing Hindu nationalist party in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, blamed women entry in Sabarimala temple – a temple that prohibited women’s entry. They hypothesized that it angered the Gods and caused rains.

When entire India is finding ways to help the state to fight the disaster, these people with intellect sitting on wheelchair is playing the blame game. And this time, the blame-game gets more illogical. What next? Blaming the natural calamity on people who ate meat during Saawan? Isn’t right wing politics is pulling us back to dark ages socially where superstitions and untouchability reigned? No one can ‘dare’ to answer this now.  

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