Modi Announces Infra-Boost On The Eve Of Independence Day

On the eve of India’s Independence Day, the Prime Minister of India on his first Independence Day of his second term conveys the mass regarding the decision to scrap Article 370. He also goes on to convey that the decision was a step towards fulfilling Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s dream.

Image source: The Hindu

He is met by Army Chief General Bipin Rawat, Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh and Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa at Red Fort. He is dressed in an outfit resembling the color of our National Flag.

“We have made new strides in Space technology. Our Chandrayan-II is spending on the moon today,”- he says. He has also taken up up the issues concerning the environment and has urged the farmers of India to lessen their consumption of Chemical fertilizers which has led to the degradation of the soil. Also, he has appealed to the farmers to keep the percentage of fertilizers up to 30-40 %

He further added by saying that the country had finally achieved the goal of One Nation, One Constitution and every citizen could proudly say that they are same.

He says- “The government is known for not ignoring problems. What couldn’t be done in the last 70 years, the new government did in the first 70 days with Houses passing it with 2 – 3rds majority. The dreams and aspirations of people of Ladakh and J& K need to be fulfilled and 130 crore people came together for that.”

He told the mass regarding the usefulness and the importance of the tourism economy and has made an appeal to the nation that “by the time we celebrate the 75th Independence Day, every family must visit at least 15 tourist destinations.” He raised concerns regarding the use of plastic bags and has requested people to use cloth bags for a sustainable environment.

Price rise as states by the PM has gone down and has raised questions like “If wealth is not created, how will it benefit the poor in the country? How will we move forward? To what extent can we develop? Who will we develop?”

100 lakh crore as he mentioned will be for the betterment of airports, railway stations, roads, highways, etc.

“We have exposed the nations backing terrorism.” He announced that India will be having the post of Chief of Defence Staff who will be overseeing all the three forms of defense in India.

He further concludes his speech with a “Jai Hind” and “Vande Mataram” slogans.

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Written by Sanghamitra Gogoi

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