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Modi finding cover for his debacles in blaming Congress

Recently, our Prime Minister gave his one of the last speeches of his tenure. It was a good speech, technically, but the content was the same old political jibes and slurs. Modi’s speech was filled with satires on Congress and the latest ‘United Opposition Alliance’. He even compared his 55 months governance with 55 years of Congress government.

Modi was replying to the debate on the motion of thanks to President Ram Nath Kovind’s address to the Parliament. He used his hour-long speech to cover points about the first time voters, middle class, traders, the poor, farmers, successes, initiatives, and above all, satires on Congress.

The Opposition wanted answers on key national issues like unemployment, farm crisis, and the Rafael fighter jet deal. The answers by Modi only involved mockery and digging out the buried cases in the past. He started with the changed definition of BC as ‘Before Congress’ and AD as ‘After Dynasty’. BC is the time where nothing happened and AD is the period where everything happened. Thus, comparing the Congress rule of more than half-century to his tenure of 5 years. The points which were put forward by him, like sanitation coverage, LPG connections, electrification, etc., are debatable. Lowering the standards and inflating the numbers did exaggerate the results but the ground reality hasn’t changed.

On misusing the Constitutional Institutions, Modi again compared his reign with that of Congress’. He even said that they manipulated institutions several times for their benefits. So, bending the Institutions has become a competition. What our Prime Minister should understand is that wrong is wrong and it should not depend on the frequency. It is like justifying the robbery in terms of money gained.

Modiji even called the leaders of the ‘United Opposition Alliance’ as the traitors as they had worked with Vajpayee and with him in the past. He even tagged them as ‘maha-milavat’ government. Thus, a government with no original or pure substance. He even pointed out the coalition government of UPA was ineffective. He later completed this point by saying that they are not going to be elected to the Parliament.

On Rafale jet deal, Modi said that Congress didn’t want the Air Force to become stronger and thus, they are opposing the government. He also said that Congress party is astonished as this is the first time when a defense deal is completed without any corruption. As if setting up a JPC means relinquishing the strength of the armed forces.

Modi’s speech was quite predictable. The key ingredients of every Modi-speech are satires on Congress, digging up their past, dwarfing the previous governments’ achievements, and thus, confusing from the main question. In this speech, the questions were unemployment, rural distress, Rafale Jet deal, and the failure of Make in India. In our PM’s answer, among these points, which points did he cover? He ducked 3 out of 4 points and claimed that other parties didn’t want Air Force to become stronger. Only turns and twists with no displacements, Modiji’s speech didn’t give the final outcome.

What do you think?

Written by Sugat Srivastava

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