Murder of BJYM leader Gowhar Is Murder Of Nationalism

By:Shivam Singh

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         Murder of BJYM leader Gowhar in Kashmir

Slowly and gradually Kashmir is becoming a haunting valley, no more a valley of beauty and nature. Its hard for the youths to step out of their comfort zone, break the shackles and achieve something what they want.

The abysmal situation of the valley is turning out to be more gruesome day by day. Deadly events like murder of Lieutenant Ummar Fayaz, attack on police training stations to restrict the Kashmiri youths from entering in Indian Army and the latest happening of murder of BJYM leader,  Gowhar has been a pointed evidence of the situation.

Is this the freedom which our Country is celebrating for past 70 years?

The black shadow over Kashmir is hovering since the night of Independence followed by two Indo-Pak wars and now the terrorists are leading their way by confiscating the army officers and youngsters of the valley.

Kashmir is no short of young bloods with extreme talents, for example, Shaheed Lieutenant Ummar Fayaz, Indian cricketer Parvez Rasool, 2017 IAS topper Athar Aamir and many more to come.

Those who want to dent this beauty of Kashmir, would never want the youth’s to lead a favourable  life, for that instance Gowhar was killed, it wasn’t only Gowhar, It was an attempt to kill thousands of the youths ideology, de-motivate, and frighten the youth and people by killing, Whereas it had an adverse impact in kashmir, Youth and majority of Kashmir are bursting with anger and they are more rigid and strong now in the ideological war against terrorism.

As the news stated on 2nd of November 2017, another such wicked activity shocked the nation. Gowhar Ahmad Bhat, a 30 year old district president of the BJP’s youth wing, the Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha was found with his throat slit, in an orchard in Kiloora. He was a resident of Bongam area in Shopian.

This is not only the death of a leader but also the death of that dream of becoming a politician which youths of the valley might have had. Such brutality, are the nightmares of people who witness these massacre in Kashmir.

We condemn such inhuman deed and pray the Almighty to give assistance to his family members.

In a series of tweets, BJP President condoled Mr. Bhat’s death by saying that terrorists could not stop the youth from choosing a better future.

In another tweet, Mr. Shah said,

Sources: Twitter

The day is still very far when Kashmir will stop considering Burhan Wani their leader and praising their real heroes.

What do you think?

Written by Sharad Maverick

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