Nepal-China uses COVID-19 against India

By Vidushi Pandey

Recently, Nepal has been making allegations about India’s illegal immigration to Nepal. According to KP Sharma Oli, prime minister of Nepal, the spread of Covid 19 in Nepal was a result of Indians entering Nepal through illegal channels. It is speculated that certain local representatives and party leaders were involved in aiding Indians to transit without proper testing. He further continues to comment on India’s situation being more ‘‘lethal than China and Italy’’.

The Prime minister’s statements have prompted multiple controversies specially after his acknowledgement of India’s generosity for their provided assistance to fight Covid-19. India had sent over testing kits to Nepal to further lend a hand in such hard times. These allegations seem nothing but fateful attempts to insinuate against India by taking advantage of its current plight.  

In times of such crisis, several countries have ordered testing kits from China including India. When these kits were tested by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the top agency dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak in India, they found the test kits to not be reliable. Hence, all states were instructed to not utilize these kits for testing purposes. 

China did not take this well and termed their judgement to be unfair and irresponsible arguing that the Chinese authorities have validated the equipment produced by Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech and Zhuhai Livzon Diagnostics. Additionally, the medical practitioners are accused of not having enough expertise and competence to efficiently utilize the equipment because there are several measures that need to be taken during storage and transportation of these kits. They further added that if operations are not carried out along the lines of the specifics provided, a variation in testing accuracy can be observed. 

These statements can be perceived as a clear attempt to humiliate Indian medical experts by deeming them incompetent and unprofessional to avoid taking responsibility for supplying faulty test kits. 

In all, India is being targeted by various nations due their crippled state during the pandemic and these catastrophic times are being used to serve their own needs. 

Image Credits: Financial Express

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