NIFT Student Poses For A Photoshoot Amidst Flood In Patna

Amidst major turmoil in the grounds of Patna, Aditi Singh grabs the media’s attention to the reality of the flood-prone state of Bihar.

The NIFT student with her appealing attire is able to draw the attention of the mass with the help of her photographer friend Saurav. The photographer came out in support of the images as a meant to highlight the plight and distress in the city due to major flood.

They post a series of a picture displaying the model posing the vulnerable locations hit due to flood. She is seen posing alongside cars, rickshaws. Though the mass has given a thumbs down for coming up with an insensitive approach, the photographer comes in support for the backdrop.

The intent behind the shoot was to draw public attention towards the floods of Bihar. When there are floods in other states, people from all over the country come forward to help. There isn’t much mention of the floods in Bihar, in both national and international media. If you share a normal picture of a flood on social media, people see it, comment ‘So Sad’ and move on. I wanted people to stop and look at the pictures, so I did a photoshoot.”

Aditi Singh also supported the cause and mentions that the purpose of the photoshoot was not to make fun of the people suffering from the flood.

Below are few looks from her photoshoot

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