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Nothing Superior To Cows

by: Stuti Pandey

“Cows are the mother of all creatures. Cows are the goddesses of the gods and the refuge of all auspiciousness. Cows bestow every kind of happiness and for these reasons they always are worshipable. Cows are the support of all the worlds for by their milk they nourish terrestrial beings and by their ghee offered in sacrifice, they nourish the denizens of the celestial realms. Nothing superior to cows.”- BHAGAVAD GITA


In the midst of all the incidents taking place in Haryana, the one thing that has been focused upon rather than the Ram Rahim controversy or the Women trafficking is ‘Providing shelter for cows’ yes you’re reading it right, Haryana’s Animal Husbandry and Dairying Minister Om Prakash Dhankar said that, 50-100 acres would be earmarked in major towns to set up ‘PG hostels for cattle’.

A three-day Haryana Swarna Jayanti Cattle Fair is to be organized at Jhajjar from October 27, In this event, around 2,500 cattle will participate. Prizes worth Rs 9 crore would be given to the owners of best cattle including best performer buffaloes in the filed of milk.


On the contrary, the practice of “paro” where women from other states are bought and sold in Haryana are facing a critical life and death situation, how can the govt not be focused on these women? Here’s a real story to validate my point-

The first time Muklesha was sold, she was just 12 years old. Her buyer was a man in his 70s. Marriage and a baby quickly followed. But, three years later, the man died and Muklesha was again put up for sale. This time, her buyer was a horrific abuser. “He didn’t feed me. He’d take me to the fields and stuff my mouth with mud and then beat me,” she says. Muklesha is one of the thousands of India’s slave brides – girls and women sold into marriage, often destined for a lifetime of abuse and hardship, as this 101 East documentary reveals. No one cares about disappearing children from the state of Assam, Jharkhand, and Orissa which are being sold at a cheaper price than the cattle! But the cow, the cow is a national issue! I wonder if this was the “acche din” promised to us.

It’s understood that taking such initiatives like cattle fair will increase the trade and generate employment but will it improve the social status of women in there? Government is giving vital importance to the animal cow, it’s not like the govt isn’t doing anything for the welfare of the women, There is Operation Durga that is saving college girls from harassment, ”Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” seeks to improve the declining trend of Child Sex Ratio (CSR) in 100 selected districts in every State/ UT from the current level of 918 by preventing gender-biased sex selection and ensuring survival, protection, and education of the girl child.


But, But, But cow definitely is being treated better than women in India, this makes me laugh hysterically!

We humans, are the only animal which consumes another animal’s i.e. cow’s milk, think about it, isn’t it strange?

What do you think?

Written by Sharad Maverick

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