Pakistan ISI Planning Attack In Punjab Fails- Drones Collected With AK-47 Assault Rifles Along With Others

Punjab police cancel leaves of police after a large number of AK-47 assault rifles, satellite phones and grenades were dropped in Punjab’s Rajoke village near Khalra in Tarn Taran district. These weapons have been transported with the help of drones that came from Pakistan, just across the border.

The arms and ammunitions that have been collected from the drones were to carry out 26/11 like attacks in Punjab and its neighboring states. The entire incident came under light after Punjab police seized a drone during its probe into weapon seizure. The sources have also mentioned that the plan has been supported by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Punjab’s Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh had on Sunday alerted the Indian Air Force (IAF) to be extra vigilant about the possibility of drones being used to supply weapons from across the border and also direct them to launch necessary counter-measures.

These are not very sophisticated but the advantages with such drones that they can carry a heavy payload,” says an official. The officials also mention that the drones crashed on the ground due to technical issues. These crashed drones were completely destroyed by operatives on the Indian side when police got the hint and arrested one Shubdeep from the village.

The DGCA and the CISF have conducted filed trials to procure anti-drone technology. “The soft kill technology is apter but at the field trial, the ground communication network of mobiles were also jammed along with the communication mechanism of the drone,” an official said.

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