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Priya-driven Indian Youth, Raised the Question of Productivity

A wink from an actress became an unstoppable force. Crap singing by Dhinchak Pooja and Omprakash are trolled and at the same time enjoyed by the Youth. The Nation has become a factory of Memes and Trolls. Seems like Indian Youths are getting High on social media trends and losing count on real issues.

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Priya has become an Internet sensation within a day or two. Crowned New National Crush and thus dethroned Disha Patani. No doubt on the talent and cuteness of the actress but the response is shocking. It all started with a trailer of the movie, then sharing of clipping, then trolls on the video and then trolls on reactions. An innocent wink has caused so much havoc, so much loss in productivity that hardly anyone can fathom. Weeks ago, Indian Youth were crazy about Biggboss. They were debating whether Hina is right or is Shilpa faking. Before that, Omprakash and Dhinchak Pooja became celebrities. All hail the distracted Indian Youth.

Issues getting camouflaged

India is planning to deploy troops to prevent and thus solve Maldives crisis. It could be another knot in Indo-Sino diplomatic relationship. PM Modi launched a debatable Fellowship Scheme for engineering undergraduates. There is a face-off against Prince Charles and Amitav Banerji for the position of the head of the Commonwealth. Do we know about the honey-trapping issue of Indian armed forces? No, but we certainly know about the whole bio-sketch of latest Internet sensation – Priya Prakash.

PhD students apply for jobs to handle corpses in Bengal. In an exam for the posts of clerk and typists in Chennai, candidates with graduation, post-graduation, doctorates outnumbered the 10th and 12th pass applicants. This certainly proves the obsession of Youths with government jobs as well as the puncture in the inflated claims of job creation made by government. This also proves that educated Youths are being diverted into a space in which the direction dimension doesn’t exists.

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Written by Sugat Srivastava

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