Rahul Gandhi has four passports, has a chapel at home: Subramanian Swamy

Subramanian Swamy is known for making sensational and controversial claims. Sometimes those claims are irrelevant, seems like someone is not in his senses. The similar incident occurred during the India ka DNA conclave organised by Zee News.

In the recent claims, Swamy alleged Rahul Gandhi to carry four passports and one with the name Raul Vinci. BJP MP also said that contrary to Rahul’s claims, Congress President didn’t get MPhil degree as he flunked the Economics paper.

He didn’t stop there and also questioned his religious beliefs. He said that he doesn’t know how to wear ‘Janeu’. Swamy said that Rahul often wears the janeu over his clothes, which is the wrong way to do so. Swamy also claimed that Rahul Gandhi is actually Christian. According to Subramanian Swamy, there is a chapel in Rahul Gandhi’s house, and on every Sunday a Malayali priest comes for doing prayaschit (atoning sin).

He also targeted Priyanka Gandhi. He said that Priyanka Gandhi is forced to project Hindu identity by going to temples as currently there is an environment where parties who are perceived to be ‘anti-Hindu’ will not votes. Swamy also weighed in on the corruption cases against Gandhi families and said that they are bound to go to jail eventually.

When Rahul Gandhi announced his desire to contest election from Wayanad apart from his seat Amethi, Swamy said that he is running away from Amethi. He is also afraid from losing against Smriti Irani. It seems like BJP has ordered Subramanian Swamy for splurging venom on Rahul Gandhi, whether he has a proof or not.

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